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The one where I take Christine O’Donnell’s side

Christine O’Donnell opposes comprehensive, evidence-based sex ed. She’s unclear about whether separation of church and state is a cornerstone of the first amendment. She believes in cross-bred mice with human brains. She believes that victims of rape or incest should be forced to carry their attacker’s child to term. She’s also, unfortunately, not a witch. […]

My Tiger Woods Post

Do you know how there are some people, no matter what they generally do, you just won’t get upset with them? I feel that way about Sean PDiddy Combs. I feel that way about Beyonce. I feel that way about Tiger Woods. For now. There’s no telling how this story is going to develop, and […]

part of the problem

Post-Gazette We have become so accustomed to living in a society saturated with misogyny that the barbaric treatment of women and girls has come to be more or less expected. We profess to being shocked at one or another of these outlandish crimes, but the shock wears off quickly in an environment in which the […]

a thought on Tiny & TIP

While watching BET’s Tiny & Toya, I thought to myself, “geez, I hope we don’t spend the rest of the season listening to Tiny whine about T.I. being in jail.” Shortly after having that thought, I started to think about it outside of a reality show context. To me it’s just another “storyline” in a […]

they don't dance no mo'

At least not like Michael J. Jackson did. Oh, they try (I see you Chris Brown, Usher, Timberlake). I don’t do RIPs (I’ve said that before) so I won’t start now. I’m just like damn, really Mike? While we all know about the tabloid chatter that’s attached itself to Mike’s legacy, it can’t really tarnish […]

Another downer about the legal job market…

Swiped from the National Law Journal,  just a perspective on the legal job market for the public-interest (aka, me). A bit long, BTW. Public-interest sector getting a little crowded Karen Sloan June 01, 2009 Sending incoming associates into temporary public-interest jobs — with a healthy stipend to cover their costs of living — is intended […]


I waited a long time to post up anything about this Chris Brown/Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) situation. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t post anything about it at all on my blog but you know, hard to get away from. I’ve tried to stay out of conversations because people talking about shit they don’t know […]

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