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Dude, where’s my bike?

Every bike I’ve ever had in my life prior to 2009 has been stolen. From my own backyard, time after time, locked or unlocked. People LOVE to steal bikes. Sometimes it’s because they don’t like you but most of the time bike thieves don’t know or care who they’re stealing from. They need parts or […]

Off to do a bid: Alcatraz & Fuchu

I’ve been to prison twice in the past 7 days. It’s not that I’ve been smuggling drugs through Asia on some Brokedown Palace type stuff, I’ve just been hanging out! Alcatraz Last weekend, I went to Alcatraz which is a theme bar in Shibuya. The Japanese love theme bars which are pretty eccentric. They range […]


Tokyo Lesson #335: Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the Japanese really mean what they say. So anyone who has been to Japan will tell you that everyone here is not so good at translating things into English, especially on signs and menus. I’ve seen English idioms and phrases get butchered […]

This week (mini update)

What have I been up to this week? Not much. Regular life stuff, school/sleep/eat. Walk around the city, pop into different shops every now and again. On Monday, our Japanese teacher Suzuki set us up on a rendez-vous with some advanced students of hers, French guys. They were pretty cool, albeit young (21!). I was […]

Nomihodai 飲み放題

Nomi-hodai. Key word for the weekend. Nomi-hodai is the “all you can drink” option offered at many Japanese establishments. We did it two nights in a row and paid for it dearly after day one. Friday: Went to lame ass Japanese Law class and then headed over to our new favorite restaurant, some Korean BBQ […]

911, Sumo & the Drunk Bus

Last weekend was our first time really going out to party in Tokyo. True, we’ve been here for a couple of weekends, but we were so jetlagged out the first week there was no way we were making it out. I think we made up for it sufficiently. Friday: After a lame class on Japan […]

A note on bathrooms:

This deserves to be told. Japanese toilets are a strange breed, folks. The toilet in our apartment is pretty run of the mill, close to an American toilet. Elsewhere, however, you can find one of two toilets: The squat toilet or the electronic toilet. The squat toilet is basically a porcelain hole in the floor. […]


Went out for karaoke earlier in the week with folks from school. We only booked the room for one hour, so as soon as we got in, we got down to business singing songs like “So What,” “Dancing Queen,” “No Scrubs,” and “U Remind Me” which was performed by the next big R&B sensASIAN, Matt […]

The classes here suck

We’ve only been in class since Monday and I swear they all suck. I don’t know what the problem is. Back at the main campus (Philly) the teachers are really great. Many are experts in their subjects and have a real gift for teaching. I don’t know who they got to come over to Japan. […]