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RHoATL, s2e7: Fashion Weak

Getting an early start on my Labor Day weekend caused me to miss blogging about last week’s episode. Before I get into this week’s shenanigans, here are a few thoughts from Episode 6 aka She Gotta Big Alter Ego: Aren’t alter ego photo shoots for famous people not just second-season reality casts? Argument between Kandi […]

RHoAtl, s2e5: this is for my homies

CONTAINS SPOILERS – I swear, this show is about as fake as Kim’s hair or Kandi’s “happy family.” Still, it’s another week, another episode and I’m sitting right here with laptop at the ready to take down all the shenanigans for you! The saddest thing to me is the state of R&B music as evidenced […]

RHoATL, s2e4: such a happy family

Last week left me wanting for some serious wig snatching and not that tease of a tug Sheree gave Kim. Thankfully, the episode was saved by Dwight’s fabulous party and boob inspections. Bravo, don’t fail me now! Question: Is it necessary for Lisa to work out in a full face of makeup and that hair […]

PSAs to grow on

Sometimes I think kids must be dumb as rocks or the folks who put together public service announcements thought we were. After having a good laugh at Topless Robot’s The 20 Best Public Service Announcements of the Last 30 Years, I couldn’t help but think of how ridiculous those things seem! Were they that bad […]

Making His Band: i'm over it

Sorry yall. If you were looking for this week’s recap/commentary of Making His Band you’re out of luck. I watched Monday’s ep and I had started to blog about it. Mid-way through, I lost interest. The show is simply not that interesting anymore. I don’t know if it ever was. Not even Jaila’s fabulosity can […]

RHoATL, S2E3: Hair we go again!

Last week, Bravo hoodwinked us into watching as we anticipated a wig snatch-off of epic proportions. Who am I kidding, we would’ve been watching anyway! This week picked up right where we left off… with Sheree, Nene and Kim arguing in a nice restaurant, causing a scene. After proclaiming “I’m gonna whoop her ass,” Sheree […]

Making His Band ep03: teamwork

[Contains Spoilers] Back on the scene after last week’s back to basics catastrophe. To be honest, I’m not as committed to this show as I am to others but I’m watching it so you don’t have to (or so that you know you’re not the only one!). Anyway, let’s get to this week’s recap. Where […]

RHoATL, S2E2: scared? say you scared.

YES! Back again after all of that dreadful drama last week! Did you know the season premier of RHoATL attracted over four million viewers? This is America’s guilty pleasure for sure. In the spirit of working it all out, Nene wanted to get together with Sheree and Lisa to talk with Kim. While I think […]

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