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‘Scandal’: Why You DON’T Want Olivia and Fitz’s Love

Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal is an undeniable hit thanks to the cast’s star-power, a killer wardrobe team, the salacious and secretive backdrop of Washington, D.C. politics, and perhaps most of all, the steamy, high-stakes relationship between President Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope. While I’ve participated in the edge-of-my-seat, self-fanning, “OMG!”tweeting that predictably follows each sexy encounter between the […]

Revisiting Ally McBeal – 13 years later

I’ve started watching Ally McBeal all over again. Yep, remember David E. Kelley’s Fox series from 1997 about a young, female attorney with relationship issues up the wazoo who worked at a quirky law firm with her ex-love, his new wife, a unisex bathroom, and no shortage of dancing baby hallucinations? The show featured humorous […]

RHoATL, Season 2 Finale: Wrap it up, B

We’re back and it’s over! I missed blogging last week’s episode but when I got around to watching it, it wasn’t THAT exciting to write about anyway. On to the finale… What are Dwight’s qualifications as the director of a fashion show? He’s telling Sheree to trust him but um, what references is he rolling […]

RHoATL, s2e10: better tardy than never

People always talk about Atlanta being notorious for having a large number of gay  men, but has anyone ever counted how many party planners/event coordinators, etc there are in that city? I bet it eclipses the gheys by a million! Of course we have one of the “housewives” throwing a party… KIM! And *shock* she’s […]

RHoATL, s2e9: Get yo hands out my pocketbook!

Tonight was the 2-hour season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve never missed an episode so I had to skip the 10pm ep of Real Housewives and wait for 11. Still, as much as I love Grey’s, I HAD to get my catty chick fix and share my impressions of this week’s ep with you […]

Brick City

I’ve been watching the Sundance Channel’s miniseries Brick City about the struggle of Newark, New Jersey’s mayor and residents to live in the city and bring it out of crime, poverty and despair into the city of progress and hope it once was. According to the Sundance Channel, Created and directed by the award-winning filmmakers […]

RHoATL, S2E8: Mama I'm not wantin' to sing

Snarky housewives on deck! Let’s go! What is wrong with Sheree’s trainer? When he first popped on the show he seemed like a normal personal trainer, getting folks in shape while sitting on his ass. After the first commercial break, homeboy enters with a studded leather vest and a banana sling for his frank and […]

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