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I Know You See It

And no, I’m not talking about D Green’s pit hair. I’m talking about The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (my alma mater and one of the greatest universities around) taking the 2009 NCAA National Championship. I swear, I don’t evenĀ  know why MSU showed up. They got creamed by us in December and […]

W, 101-87

Not to be forgotten, the Lady Tar Heels beat those Blue Devil Banshees 75-60. Carolina rolled 8 miles up the road to Durham, kicked ass and left those “Crazies” crying blue streaks down their faces. Awesome.

Party like a Tar Heel

Stumbled upon the blog Life Beyond the Well You guys know I’m a total stan for my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill. Why? Well, it’s kind of hard to put into words. You just have to be a Tar Heel to understand. The following is just one of the many reasons I’d go back 9 […]

Southern Fight Songs

Inspired by a post over at Feminist Law Professors and the #1 College Basketball team in the country, I present to you UNC’s fight song. Well, technically. Apparently, a trip to the UNC Music Library page revealed that there are tons of school songs we never sang. At every football and basketball game we could […]

I'm all tingly inside!

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in FOREVER My white-haired boo Roy and my Boo-In-Chief Barack! Tuesday morning, Obama stopped by Basketball Heaven, aka UNC Chapel Hill, to shoot some hoops. The NYT has the haps. I swear, if I wasn’t already voting for Obama I’d sure as hell do it now. Hillary ain’t […]