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Breaking: Blacks and Hispanics Can’t Swim

I have a lot of questions for this world: I want to know why we are here on Earth. How many stars are in the sky? Is Blanket really Michael’s child? How do you stop the largest environmental disaster in US history? What I do not need to know is whether Black and Hispanic people […]

a thought on mike vick

Let me start by saying before Michael Vick’s legal troubles, I could probably count on my hands how many times I heard his name. Clearly, I am not an NFL fan or a big sports fanatic. My point is, I don’t really care about Michael Vick and am not invested in whether he plays or […]

I Know You See It

And no, I’m not talking about D Green’s pit hair. I’m talking about The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (my alma mater and one of the greatest universities around) taking the 2009 NCAA National Championship. I swear, I don’t even  know why MSU showed up. They got creamed by us in December and […]

Go to Hell State!

Carolina v. NC State – W, 89-80 Everyone recognizes the Carolina v. Dook rivalry and rightly so. It burns like no other. Every fan has deep hate for the other team. Still, there’s another school in the Triangle that we Tar Heels beef with, State. We even have a cozy place for the Wolfpack in […]

W, 101-87

Not to be forgotten, the Lady Tar Heels beat those Blue Devil Banshees 75-60. Carolina rolled 8 miles up the road to Durham, kicked ass and left those “Crazies” crying blue streaks down their faces. Awesome.

Party like a Tar Heel

Stumbled upon the blog Life Beyond the Well You guys know I’m a total stan for my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill. Why? Well, it’s kind of hard to put into words. You just have to be a Tar Heel to understand. The following is just one of the many reasons I’d go back 9 […]

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