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Professor Anita Hill Inspires At Girls For Gender Equity’s Anniversary: Here’s What She Said

“I am, I was, and I will always be a catalyst for change,” said Professor Anita Hill, paraphrasing Shirley Chisholm last week at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Hill was honored as Woman of the Decade along with nine other “Justice Warriors” at Girls for Gender Equity’s (GGE) 10thanniversary celebration. In 1991, the world came to know […]

Case Dismissed: B.I.G. and a Primer on Wrongful Death

Earlier this month, US District Court Judge Jacqueline Nguyen dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit (without prejudice) against the City of Los Angeles filed by Voletta Wallace, mother of Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. In the lawsuit, Ms. Wallace blamed Los Angeles and the LAPD for her son’s death. The case contained allegations against police […]

“Jail” playground a gateway to prison?

Have you heard about this playground in Brooklyn that has a neighborhood pissed off? Long story short:There’s a playground much like thousands of other playgrounds in NYC and beyond, except this particular playground has the word “jail” as part of the, um, décor. This playground is also in predominately-Black Bedford Stuyvesant (my hood). Folks in […]


Hey to all my wonderful, devoted, adoring readers (that’s how I see you in my mind, let me live the fantasy)! Been busy getting moved. Finally, step one to ending the Summer of Suck is complete – moving away from home. What was only supposed to be a temporary stop at my aunt’s crib turned […]