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The single funniest thing I’ve ever read on The Hairpin

From the “Ask a Lady” column at The Hairpin I bring you Acquaintansex: Q. I have a few questions for you! Well actually just one question: “Am I going to be able to get laid after college?” I just graduated and moved to a new city. I only know coworkers, and LOL that is it. I have like two […]

Catching up + hot links 5/3/10

I’ve been going crazy trying to get the motivation to write something here. I came to the realization that I can only really get hype to write when I’m pissed off or excited. To be sure, I’ve been pissed off these last two weeks but not in the way that inspires me to write. I’m […]

Hot Links – 4/18/10

A while ago, I thought of marketing a spray anti-perspirant that was more like a spray powder than anything too strong and ammonia-based. This item was going to be for spraying under your boobs to help women with C-cup and larger breasts battling titty sweat. Seems like someone else had a similar, yet much more […]

Hot Links – 4/9/10

Actress Stacy Dash alleges domestic violence at the hands of her estranged husband, Emmanuel Xuereb. Russell Simmons, however, thinks she’s too pretty to be beat. Hmm. If 2009 was the year of celebrity deaths, 2010 is the year America kills Black women… again. Yet another story about how terrible it is to be me, The […]