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The Steubenville Rape Case is Closed, But What About Sexual Assault in College?

Ladies, I’m sorry to have to inform you that the War on Women persists and you have been drafted into the fight whether you like it or not. The latest battleground to see action is the American college campus – a space that is supposed to foster our educational and personal growth, preparing us to be the […]

Trayvon Martin Inspires a Voting Movement, Hoodie Vote

Trayvon Martin. Remember him? A lot has transpired in the world since the 17-year-old was shot and killed by George Zimmerman but the case against his killer is not over — attorneys for both sides are still filing pre-trial motions and a hearing on the “stand your ground” self-defense immunity has yet to occur.  The impact […]

Temporary Victory for Mississippi Abortion Rights Activists

Pro-choice advocates all over can breathe a tepid sigh of relief. U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan has extended a temporary order to allow Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic to stay open, despite efforts by that state’s government to close it’s doors. It’s not a total win – we won’t really be able to relax until the […]

Step Aside Komen, How Republicans Are Making Domestic Violence A Political Issue

It’s widely recognized that domestic violence is a serious human rights violation that affects women, children and families worldwide. Violence against women* impacts the stability of families, increases the burden on our bursting-at-the-seams healthcare system, and negatively impacts our economy. Violence against women can result in the loss of one’s home, job, and dignity or, […]


If you’ve read any of my posts while I was prepping for the NY bar exam (see below), you know that I was having a crazy time studying and working full time. I had tons of emotions flowing through me and nothing let up – not work, BarBri (my prep course), or the demands of […]

Steve Slater is not a hero

According to the television news media, the internet and your momma, Steven Slater is a hero. You know him, he’s the career flight attendant who, after a confrontation with a passenger, basically gave his employer Jet Blue, the offending passenger and everyone else in the vicinity a fat middle finger when he grabbed two beers, […]

A few (legal) things re: Oscar Grant

I’m not going to talk about whether justice was done in the Oscar Grant case or go on about the larger issue of Black men, law enforcement and violence in America. There are plenty of folks online providing that kind of commentary and probably better than I could. Rather, I’m going to quickly touch upon […]

Dude, where’s my bike?

Every bike I’ve ever had in my life prior to 2009 has been stolen. From my own backyard, time after time, locked or unlocked. People LOVE to steal bikes. Sometimes it’s because they don’t like you but most of the time bike thieves don’t know or care who they’re stealing from. They need parts or […]

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