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Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, Juanita Bynum Challenge Lesbian Stereotypes

Lying is a tricky thing. When we lie, it’s rarely just once or just a little “white” thing, because lies are ravenous – they require sustenance or else they threaten to blow up and expose you. Lies are greedy and once you get started, you either have to go big or go home. I’m going […]

Steve Slater is not a hero

According to the television news media, the internet and your momma, Steven Slater is a hero. You know him, he’s the career flight attendant who, after a confrontation with a passenger, basically gave his employer Jet Blue, the offending passenger and everyone else in the vicinity a fat middle finger when he grabbed two beers, […]

The shaming of Rima Fakih

They almost got me. The day after Rima Fakih took the Miss USA crown, posts went up and news features condemning Fakih for being a stripper. I must admit, I was upset. Fakih’s win was pretty awesome – a Lebanese, immigrant woman from Michigan who supports insurance coverage of contraception and likes pizza. I didn’t […]

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