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What U.S. President Obama’s Birth Control Announcement Really Means

There’s a home video somewhere on VHS that shows a pre-pubescent Nakia proclaiming that she wants to be the first black female President of the United States … and a model. Very cute, if not some indication of future megalomania, but I would not wish for job of POTUS today after seeing what President Obama […]

Why Susan G. Komen Is Making You Choose Between Breast Cancer And Women’s Health

Sometimes it seems like the forces opposed to Planned Parenthood are really engaged in some super genius reverse psychology aimed at increasing individual donations to the organization. Of course it’s just wishful thinking on my part but that’s exactly what happened when anti-choice lawmakers inCongress tried to de-fund Planned Parenthood in early 2011; the organization received […]

Sex Is More Complicated Than Taking A Plan B Pill – Give Teens Some Credit

It’s a moment we rarely see – those for and against a woman’s right to choose how and when she’ll become a parent are agreeing on something. Both sides are peeved at the Obama Administration for its treatment of the Food and Drug Administration’s recommendation that Plan B One-Stepemergency contraception (aka the “morning after pill”) be […]

A blow to family planning $ is a blow to HIV/AIDS prevention

I need a late pass. I was supposed to write this post on March 10, joining a number of bloggers and the Red Pump Project in observance of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. I must admit that my procrastination along with a weeklong stay in Austin, TX for South by Southwest pushed back […]

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