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Kid-Free Zones

The no-kids-allowed movement is spreading What’s the matter with kids today and why doesn’t anyone want them around? In June, Malaysia Airlines banned babies from many of their first class cabins, prompting other major airlines to consider similar policies.Lately, complaints about screaming kids are being taken seriously, not only by airlines, but by hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and […]

Yes! Let’s teach American kids to speak Chinese!

Just read this article on GOOD – Do All American Schools Need to Teach Chinese?: Given the phenomenal growth of the Chinese economy, more American schools are adding Mandarin Chinese to their foreign language offerings. But no Western nation is taking Chinese language education more seriously than Sweden. Time reports that the Swedish education minister Jan Björklund recently announced plans to […]

A Woman’s (Office) Worth: Advocating for Yourself

I did something pretty scary last week – I quit my job. I quit because I felt under-valued, under-compensated and under-utilized. I took stock of my worth – what skills, experience, expertise and potential I brought to the office – and decided that if I did nothing, I’d have the security of my job but […]

I’m a 90s girl

The way my mind works, one thought will quickly lead to another and another until I get to a point that is almost unrelated to the original thought. That’s what happened last weekend when the mere mention of C&C Music Factory led to reminiscing about Snap!, Crystal Waters, and Ce Ce Peniston, which set me off […]

not another tribute post

The internet is abuzz on this first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, much like it was a year ago when he died. We can all recall how the chatter online nearly shut down the internet as people hurried to find out exactly what happened, whether it was true or not, and then came together to […]

Catching up + hot links 5/3/10

I’ve been going crazy trying to get the motivation to write something here. I came to the realization that I can only really get hype to write when I’m pissed off or excited. To be sure, I’ve been pissed off these last two weeks but not in the way that inspires me to write. I’m […]

On: Gabourey Sidibe

Hate me now. Gabourey Sidibe. She’s the newest star to pop up on the Hollywood scene. Everyone loves her for her portrayal of Precious Jones in the Oscar-nominated film Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire. The movie was a critical darling and Sidibe has been praised not only for her acting, but for […]

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