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Lessons from Grampa

Back in September, my 77 year-old grandfather died in his sleep after a protracted illness and I did not mourn. Of course I was sad and there was an occasional tear here and there but for the most part, I did not possess the emotional bandwidth necessary to process my feelings in the traditional way. […]

The Steubenville Rape Case is Closed, But What About Sexual Assault in College?

Ladies, I’m sorry to have to inform you that the War on Women persists and you have been drafted into the fight whether you like it or not. The latest battleground to see action is the American college campus – a space that is supposed to foster our educational and personal growth, preparing us to be the […]

Hey President Obama, Where’s My Free Birth Control?

Remember last summer when it was announced that, thanks to the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), women across the U.S. would have access to free birth control? Did you run into the streets armed with buckets and nets hoping to catch birth control pills, Nuva-Rings, and IUDs raining from the cargo-hold of government planes? […]

‘Scandal’: Why You DON’T Want Olivia and Fitz’s Love

Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal is an undeniable hit thanks to the cast’s star-power, a killer wardrobe team, the salacious and secretive backdrop of Washington, D.C. politics, and perhaps most of all, the steamy, high-stakes relationship between President Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope. While I’ve participated in the edge-of-my-seat, self-fanning, “OMG!”tweeting that predictably follows each sexy encounter between the […]

Revisiting Ally McBeal – 13 years later

I’ve started watching Ally McBeal all over again. Yep, remember David E. Kelley’s Fox series from 1997 about a young, female attorney with relationship issues up the wazoo who worked at a quirky law firm with her ex-love, his new wife, a unisex bathroom, and no shortage of dancing baby hallucinations? The show featured humorous […]