not another tribute post

The internet is abuzz on this first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, much like it was a year ago when he died. We can all recall how the chatter online nearly shut down the internet as people hurried to find out exactly what happened, whether it was true or not, and then came together to comfort one another, remembering their friend.

I say friend but Michael is easily considered like family to many. You would think MJ tucked them in at night, helped them celebrate their highest of highs and was there for them in their lowest of lows. Oh, well yeah, he kind of was – if music carries you through the moments in your life then it may very well seem like MJ was literally there for the important parts. So I understand why people continue to say that they cannot believe he is gone. When people say they’re crying, I get that. When people of all ages gather in front of the Apollo and in parks or on street corners to dance to MJ’s music together, I see it. It’s clear that Michael Jackson was/is a big fucking deal.

I don’t mean to rain on your parade. I’m not saying you all should stop tweeting, blogging, talking, thinking, or crying about MJ. It’s just that I can’t do it myself. Why? Frankly, I just don’t care that much.

Like anyone else with two ears, I like Michael Jackson. I came up at the same time most of you did so we probably rock similar life soundtracks – ones peppered with MJ songs. He is the biggest pop star ever. Had I ever been in the man’s vicinity I would have been super excited to catch even the slightest of glimpses. So it’s not about Michael per se. It’s just that I don’t get too bent out of shape about anyone dying, even people I actually know. So for MJ it’s going to be a stretch.

Just wanted to add my two cents to all of the talk on this day because I feel like in everyone’s zeal to praise/remember/honor/exalt Michael Jackson, they manage to devote a portion of their time talking shit about anyone who isn’t doing the same. There’s a bit of mourner’s elitism or something like that, which for me  sort of takes away from the point of it all. This is my little piece of the internet and there is room for my different opinions, no matter how unpopular, right here.

Besides, I’m trying to pass the motherfuckin’ bar. Priorities officially shifted.