Catching up + hot links 5/3/10

I’ve been going crazy trying to get the motivation to write something here. I came to the realization that I can only really get hype to write when I’m pissed off or excited. To be sure, I’ve been pissed off these last two weeks but not in the way that inspires me to write. I’m exhausted, I’ve been out of town a lot and I have a paper due for a class I can’t stand to get another degree that I do not need. I tried to stop doing complaining posts a while ago so I won’t go into how my feet hurt except to say it is because I walked 8 miles in the Philly MS Walk yesterday. My team made the top 10, meeting over half of our goal and raising thousands of dollars. Always fun to kick it with my Philly crew, but man, do NOT wear brand new sneaks when you’ve got to strut miles in 90+ degree weather. DO NOT.

Being out of town in NC the weekend before kept me from posting links. So today, you’ll get a deluxe link post as I play catch up and try to get back into the swing of things.

Links 5/3/10

  • You probably don’t know who Jill Stanek is because nobody REALLY reads unfounded, inflammatory, anti-choice blogs, right? Well, nobody who would read THIS blog. I seriously doubt that my readership overlaps with Stanek’s. One day I plan to do a post about all of the crazy anti-choicers but for now I’ll share this gold nugget. Stanek gives you another reason not to eat at KFC: Buying chicken in a pink bucket from the Colonel will only put money into the Susan G. Komen Fund which would really be putting money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood. If that wasn’t enough to make you swear off all 11 of those secret herbs and spices, Stanek trots out a favorite, yet silly, anti argument – abortions cause breast cancer. How’s that for irony?
  • Mary J. Blige, Queen of Hip Hop Soul, has a new fragrance coming out. “My Life” borrows its name from Mary’s most memorable album. I’m all for MJB working as many angles as possible to further her career but I don’t like the idea of anyone naming a perfume “My Life.” Back when that album came out, Mary’s life wasn’t all that great, even with her being at the top of the charts. You call HSN and tell me what that thang smell like. I’m not spending a dime on it.
  • When you walk 8 miles, you have a lot to talk about. I can’t recall how, but my girl brought up “dick slangin’”. Later on that night, I stumbled upon this Oh Hell Nawl post on the same subject. Don’t ever let me walk up on my child doing some stupid shit like this and putting it on the INTERNET. Lawd.
  • By now you’ve probably heard of the stupidly racist email sent by Harvard 3L, Stephanie Grace (yeah, I did that). I think the best piece I’ve seen so far on the whole thing comes from Jill Filipovic at Feministe. The critical eye on the culture of law school hits home and I can say I totally agree with her there.
  • I watch Fox5 news every morning and most nights. The Good Day NY crew is my fave as I’ve gotten to know the anchors and their shenanigans pretty well. Rosanna Scotto plays pretty loose with her words and opinions most days, but she let it all hang out last week when Dr. Sapna Parikh started discussing what to call soy and rice milk.
  • I think I was sent this link because I was supposed to find it funny. Maybe you do. I was actually more intrigued by the athleticism and the message of doing what makes you feel good.

Links 4/24/10

  • One of my coworkers started doing Meatless Mondays and I’m thinking about joining in. It can’t hurt ya know, going without meat on Mondays. There are plenty days when I don’t eat any meat”Among women 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or more, 65 percent were married with a spouse present. The corresponding rate for men was 71 percent. For women and men with advanced degrees, the corresponding percentages were 66 percent and 76 percent.” These figures come from the Census Bureau. If you ask Steve Harvey about it, he’ll probably tell you that holding an advanced degree as a Black woman dooms you to spinsterville.
  • Earth Day was this past Thursday and everyone paid appropriate lip service to “going green”, conservation and protecting our environment. Kudos. I myself do what I can by using tampons without an applicator! The men of Alpha Phi Alpha have done a bit more than that (though they can’t really use tampons so I win) by partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund. Black Gold and Green?
  • I use an iPhone app to help track my period. Yeah yeah, why does a grown woman need technology to know when her period is coming? I’ve got my reasons. Men are downloading those apps too, apparently. Some for good, others for evil?
  • Don’t miss these 25 Examples of Unintentional Porn. I find it hard to believe that the creators of the lighthouse gummies had no nasty thoughts whatsoever. Lies.
  • For the summer: New Classic R&B mix from Darien at flwrpt.