Bourgie Hiatus


As you can see, I’ve let this blog go. I don’t know, I’m just not as inspired to write like I used to be. I need focus most likely. I couldn’t even finish that Kwanzaa post before this one and what I DID get down was crap. So I’m going to chill.

If for whatever reason you still need a fix of me and my randomosity, check the following:

Tumblr: – I’m here posting stuff from the internet that amuses me. Pics, videos, IMs, etc.
Formspring: – ask me anything (anonymously).
Twitter: – I might not approve you though. My feed is locked.

  • suga

    This is way off subject but, I can’t remember how I found you’re blog but I’ve been reading you for all this time and never knew we had the same name!

    Dont mind me, I get giddy when I meet people who share my name and spell it correctly lol

  • BlkBond

    You better be studying…(lol). This real property is kicking my ass….

    Bond. BlkBond.

  • trE

    thanks for the head’s up… *nods*