Dope Project: Feminist Enough

I’ve been supporting my homegirl’s project Feminist Enough from the sidelines for a while but I finally got an opportunity to jump in front of the camera myself. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad the project has rebooted with new content, a new look, and hopefully a new reach. Feminism is NOT a dirty word. It’s NOT just for white women or old women or old white women! Our Feminism does not play well in boxes and through multimedia projects like Feminist Enough, we’re telling the world how we view our feminism and color outside the lines of what others want it and us to be.

Check out this and more of the series at Feminist Enough

Let’s Talk About Sex: New ‘Subjectified’ Film Shows the Real on Getting Down

When Salt-N-Pepa famously sang “Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be,” in 1991 they were doing more than being cheeky and provocative to top the charts – they were revolutionary. Even in the decade of the Independent Woman, getting real about sex was still seen as a radical act. Women openly talking about sex has been taboo for far too long and the effects have been devastating. Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk About Sex, a new film by Melissa Tapper Goldman, seeks to counteract the negative effects that our silence around sex has wrought. Through candid interviews with nine young women, Goldman provokes the viewer to answer the film’s central question: What is the cost of shame?

Lessons from Grampa

grampaBack in September, my 77 year-old grandfather died in his sleep after a protracted illness and I did not mourn. Of course I was sad and there was an occasional tear here and there but for the most part, I did not possess the emotional bandwidth necessary to process my feelings in the traditional way. This is in part because I was so busy with the logistics surrounding the funeral – I was responsible for making the arrangements, wrangling family, and covering costs – that I didn’t have time to stop and, as the young folk say, “feel some type of way.” (more…)

The Steubenville Rape Case is Closed, But What About Sexual Assault in College?

UNC rape protestLadies, I’m sorry to have to inform you that the War on Women persists and you have been drafted into the fight whether you like it or not. The latest battleground to see action is the American college campus – a space that is supposed to foster our educational and personal growth, preparing us to be the leaders of tomorrow. Instead, colleges across the country are increasingly in the news for the sexual assaults occurring on their campuses. While campus sexual assault is nothing new, the complicity by college administrations in downplaying, mishandling, or covering up these crimes has fallen to a new level of shamefulness.

Hey President Obama, Where’s My Free Birth Control?

free_birth_control_Oprah_MemeRemember last summer when it was announced that, thanks to the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), women across the U.S. would have access to free birth control? Did you run into the streets armed with buckets and nets hoping to catch birth control pills, Nuva-Rings, and IUDs raining from the cargo-hold of government planes? Did you head to your nearest pharmacy expecting sample Depo shots to be handed out like bourbon chicken at the mall food court? Or did you, like many more sane women, call your insurance provider to find out what this truly meant for your pocketbook and your health? Turns out no matter which avenue you chose you likely found that birth control is not free today and won’t be free anytime soon.

The ‘War on Women’ Continues, and Here’s How

hillary-clinton-nypost-570x617Yo. There’s a war on women. I know that sounds so 2012 because that’s when politicians and interest groups of all kinds beat us over the head with that phrase, “War on Women,” at every turn. I’m a woman who proudly wears the labels of feminist and activist but even I tired of the term during the last 12 months. I was especially turned off by the language of war being tossed around so cavalierly in some instances, when we have Americans and foreign civilians dying in actual wars right now. But (wo)man, there really is a war on women out here! How so? We’re barely out of the first month of 2013 and already we’ve been inundated by rhetoric, policies, and very bad blogging that attack women’s health, safety, sanity, and rights. Let’s review a few:

‘Scandal’: Why You DON’T Want Olivia and Fitz’s Love

scandal-olivia-fitz-121312Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal is an undeniable hit thanks to the cast’s star-power, a killer wardrobe team, the salacious and secretive backdrop of Washington, D.C. politics, and perhaps most of all, the steamy, high-stakes relationship between President Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope. While I’ve participated in the edge-of-my-seat, self-fanning, “OMG!”tweeting that predictably follows each sexy encounter between the two lovers, the portrayal of this relationship has become increasingly uncomfortable to watch. Fitz and Liv’s relationship is looking a lot less like porn for women (horrible stuff, btw) and more like a textbook unhealthy relationship. Yes, yes y’all. Pull the fabulous cream-colored pantsuit from your eyes and see that what Fitz and Liv have isn’t something to be emulated, but something to be eyed with caution.

F’ Your Fertility Threats, I’ll Get Pregnant When I Want

lala-babies-sad-121012-570x325Is it just me or are a lot of prime time television shows airing episodes where a female character is struck deaf and dumb by the loud ticking of her biological clock? Has this always been a go-to plot contrivance or am I’m just noticing it now because I’m 31 and at least one of my peers is posting a birth announcement to Facebook every other month?  The mass influx of baby shower invites aside, I find it rather offensive that TV shows are slamming this narrative down our throats. While there are real and significant concerns about fertility as we age, I see the media playing a role in the hysteria, desperation, and ultimate “settling” that a number of women engage in whether intentional or not. Think about it, what sparked the last conversation or serious thought you had about fertility, your Ob-gyn or the hens on Basketball Wives?

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